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Organizer wants to be an emerging Social Network by keeping the peers to be in touch from their networks. This will keep sharing their notes & personal remainders created by one to another. They need a unique feature reminding of any events, notes shard by their peers.

In order to overcome these issues we proposed a solution of creating an account for one user where he can upload their profile picture which will be easy to identify in their friends network when someone new is trying to find out them. While creating a note we proposed to categorize the note (in the name of Notebooks), so that in future they can remember to use the already existing category or can create a new one. This will give more attention to the other end user before getting into it deeply. To meet their unique feature we proposed of implementing contacts request, tags, uploading image for that particular note, etc. We also given a solution of prioritizing an event just by knowing the date and time of that event created by a user. This prioritization is done by using the current date and time with the date and time fixed for an event. This is an automatic calculation; if the created event is scheduled less than 72 hours then automatically this event comes under urgent category. So that their peers won’t miss this even or note. Then the rest of the scheduled events after 72 hours come under the remainders section. Here the user can make their notes to be viewed publicly or private or limited (customization of the contacts).

By implementing our unique proposed solutions, the users gets attracted to it just because using this app is simple and easy and also has an advanced concept in sharing their notes like public view and limited views etc. which gives more important to their privacy in their online world. Easy to get the information behind the note even before go through the entire notes just by knowing the image uploaded with that particular note and note category (notebooks) and also the status in their calendar.

Webserver- Apache Tomcat 7.0.2
Frameworks- JAVAEE- Spring MVC 4.0.2, Spring Security 3.1.1, Spring ORM 4.0.2, Spring DAO 4.0.2, Hibernate 4.1.9
Webservices: RESTFull
Java script Libraries: AngularJS, jQuery, Html5
Database: MySQL 5.5
Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics.

The client has rated us five star for our project. We build a long term relationship with our client and he stated that “You have delivered more than our expectations and the resultant quality is good. The site which you gave to us is user-friendly, interactive and looks good. We are looking forward to do more projects with you.”

Organizer from a concept it turned as a product and service based solution. The application turned as one of the big and great applications in social network environment and turned as very unique product.