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Decision Widget

The decision widget is all about taking answers/ response from the viewers and pushes it to the concerned person for their research purpose. If someone is registered & login in the system, only then he can see his changes in the blog what he has done earlier. But here the client is more specific to make the register and login as optional and even though he is not login to the system, his changes should be visible only to him, he can see his last updated changes in the blog but not others.

To overcome the above mentioned high level challenge we proposed to implement some other added feature which gives a support to make this challenge as a possible one. With our in depth analysis of experienced and skilled resources we proposed a technical solution to regain the changes for a particular user even though he didn’t login to the system. If a user stops updating their change in between before completion, it is possible to resume their changes when he uses the system for the next time across the globe. This service is a paid service offered to the general users by the client. Since it is a paid service we recommend the client to create my account tab where the user can view their plan and payment related details. We also integrated the payment gateway preferred by the client and gave a notification/alert update to both end users.

After the successful implementation of our proposed new feature with the application, the client got their desired end product with their initial expected functionality. This makes them happy and also he enjoys increase in the yearly revenue compared to their early days. So he made it as a product with unique feature and becomes a well known market leader in that particular service.

1.Webserver: Apache Tomcat,
2.Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
3.Java script Libraries: jQuery, Html5
4.Webservices: RESTful
5.Integration: Email validator API Integration
6.Payment: PayPal
7.Database: MySQL 5.1
8.Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics

The client has rated us five star for our project. We build a long term relationship with our client and he stated that “I am happy with your service. The site which you gave to us is user-friendly, interactive and looks good. We are looking forward to do more projects with you.”

Our work in this highly challengeable web application speaks about our Quality & success rate. We take up challenges to provide creative and innovative ideas to prove that we are the best in the industry. We are customer oriented and we always strive to keep the customer satisfied.