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Data Validators

The Data Validators, wanted to provide solution with their unique product which will helps the people in their email campaigns. Their idea is quite possible to implement, but the major challenge is the number of email id and the format of data uploading to the system for processing, involves a huge task and also requires more complicated methods to process it with an optimum speed.

We proposed them to maintain a separate database to handle the data uploaded by the customer for processing. In order to restrict the usage of the customer we introduced the concept of membership plan which will allow the users to upload particular quantity of data to the system for processing. Only those users/ customer are given permission to access for the process and validating the email ids. There are totally four level of validating an email id is implemented in this product. Once the email id is fetched to our system it will looks/ checks for the correctness of the data format. Then the second stage is technically called as “Typo” (i.e. looks for the type “no reply” emails which is possible to send mail from one end can’t accept/ receive mail from the others). The third stage of validation is checking of “disposable mails” (i.e. temporary mails and not the permanent one). After completing all these security checks the data validator will looks for the activeness of the receiver with that Particular domain. If the data uploaded by the user pass this fourth one then the user can download their data according to their needs like valid email ids, invalid email ids etc. Data Validators will perform the orderly check of all the four security validation checks/ options. The easy interaction of the payment gateway kept backend operation simple and smooth along with international customers too.

By implementing our proposed solution the Data Validators play an important role for the people seeking bulk check for the validity of emails. The outcome of this Data Validators makes the email campaigners to increase their business by paving a way to pitch/ reach their appropriate customer in a right time in a right manner.

1.Webserver: Apache Tomcat,
2.Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
3.Java script Libraries: jQuery, Html5
4.Webservices: RESTful
5.Integration: Email validator API Integration
6.Payment: PayPal
7.Database: MySQL 5.1
8.Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics

The client has rated us five star for our project. We build a long term relationship with our client and he stated that “I am happy with your service. The site which you gave to us is user-friendly, interactive and looks good. We are looking forward to do more projects with you.”

Because of their unique concept the data validators becomes more successful for our client which made them to stand apart from all their competitors in the market. The application turned as one of the big and great applications in validating the data and turned as very unique product.