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Crowdsourcia wants to be a platform for two different variants of people, the one who is expertise in a particular field and another who sought for valuable idea’s and advice to grow in that particular field. The main challenge in this Crowdsourcia is to impress the experts & the entrepreneurs / company towards the site and to remain with them forever. And also to gain the reputation from both the end people they are looking for a proper structured system transparent business flow in it. This is the biggest challenge for startups.


Before proposing a solution we are well aware that there are only two different types of users i.e. experts and the entrepreneurs or a company. The experts are get paid by the Crowdsourcia for their ideas or advice to the entrepreneurs / company. In return the entrepreneurs are charged for getting ideas or advice from the experts by the Crowdsourica. Considering the privacy we proposed for an authentication concept inside the Crowdsourica. If an experts wants to try contacting a company or entrepreneur, then they needs to send a request for joining, once it is accepted, then both can exchange their ideas and vice versa. The entrepreneur has to pay to the Crowdsourcia in a monthly basis (a kind of monthly subscription). Also we recommend implementing the invite only features inside the system, so that the experts who received invitation from the entrepreneur can join the session. The another method of filtering the experts by the entrepreneur is by asking the experts to answer a set of questions from their relevant fields or the fields in which they are looking for idea’s and advice.

Developed solution where entrepreneurs can share their idea through document or PDF and provided options to experts to point out the particular line or sentence and comment on that. We provided drag and drop controls and many other features etc.


After successful implementation of our proposed concept and methodology the Crowdsourica now acts a bridge & fulfilling the dreams of entrepreneurs/ companies and also the experts for extending their expertise knowledge and their networks. Because of our complete automated business logic now crowdsourcia becomes the leading source for the knowledge base. The expert are enjoying sharing their view/ idea’s/ advice to the needed entrepreneurs which makes them to feel this platform is one of their diversified & well known reliable source for “cash inflow”, to them without any physical move.


Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – Spring 3.2 MVC, Spring Security 3.1, Hibernate 4.1.
Java script Libraries: AngularJS, jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integrations: Canvas Integration
Payment: PayPal & Braintree
Database: MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics


Client is extremely happy with the solution which we provided, where integration of canvas and customisation gives life to this project. The system built as robust and performance of the system is excellent.


We take up challenges and provide creative and innovative ideas to showcase that we are the best in the industry. Client is so happy about the solution which we provided as it helps lot to the entrepreneurs and startups.